Why Compatible Consumables?

Do compatible binders and powder work just as well as genuine?
Rapid Concepts Australia have developed their own solutions that work just as well as the original consumables manufactured by ZCorporation™ and 3D Systems™ in their 3DP inkjet printers.  We have developed our own product with outstanding quality and results.
Smart people have embraced non-genuine consumable solutions!.. Why? Because they are compatible with existing product but at a fraction of the price.

Don't be bullied by OEM print machine manufacturers.
Because if you do, you will lose the opportunity to make significant savings. In today's competitive marketplace, print machine manufacturers often use scare tactics to maintain their unrealistic profit margins, such as claiming the use of non-genuine consumables will void the manufacturer's warranty.
This simply isn't true and, just like car manufacturers can't cancel your warranty because you choose a competitor to service your vehicle, you also have the right of choice when it comes to consumables for your home or office equipment.

Why are compatibles more affordable?
You'll discover that compatible products are a more cost-effective alternative to genuine product. And for, you, less expensive consumables equal cheaper printing costs.



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