About Us

Rapid Concepts Australia has been involved in the 3D printing industry for over 14 years and we were one of the first companies to introduce 3D printers into Australia under the ZCorporation™  range of printers.  After many years of listening to our customers for a more affordable solution to their printing needs we have branched out on our own to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of consumables for the 3DP inkjet technology.   With the decline in the Australian dollar and constant increase in prices from 3D Systems™ a need for an affordable and compatible solution couldn't come at a better time to support our clients.

All materials have been developed in-house and Beta tested with our education  clients where it has been subjected to a range of models for different applications.  Many hours have been spent perfecting our product range with thousands of models being produced out of our facility.  We are constantly working on our product improving quality and performance to bring our clients the best possible product for their needs.

Our binders have been formulated to work on existing 3DP inkjet printer powders as well as our own powder so you can run down your existing stock of powder before changing over completely. 













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